About Deepsea Property’s Ltd

Deepsea Property’s Ltd. is a inventory company based in the South East England. We provide professional inventory services to London and the Surrounding areas, to make the letting process easier and beneficial to all parties. We provide detailed, high-quality reports quickly and efficiently for a variety of clients ranging from letting agents to private landlords, corporate management firms and tenants. We are available 7 days a week, from 8am to 7pm.

As a landlord, letting agent, property manager or developer, protecting your property is at the forefront of your requirements. As a tenant, you want to safeguard your deposit at the end of your tenancy. With our inventories you are assured that our reports are independently produced in order to provide a detailed understanding between the parties involved with regards to the condition of the property.

When we do an inventory, you will be sent a link to our user friendly system where you can access all reports, photos and property history, from your smart-device or desktop. Our reports provide a photographic narrative of the condition of the property including 360 (degree) view of each room, detailed description of the property condition supported by comprehensive photographic evidence

Why choose us:


We provide a report within 24-48 hours of booking.


We take comprehensive written and photographic evidence of the condition of your property.


We provide a reliable legal document which can be used in court to solve disputes between two sides.


Our Check out inventories include side by side reports to ease the process of comparing the property state on vacating the property.


With our interim visits you will be able to monitor if the rental property is well maintained and the tenancy agreement terms are not breached.


We make a note if there are any signs of pets living at the property or if smoking is conducted in the premises.


We provide free smoke alarm testing on each visit upon request.


We provide excellent customer service and flexible booking slots.


PRS (Property Redress Scheme)
AIIC (Assassination Of Independent Inventory Clerks)
ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)